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Princeton Playspace
745 Alexander Rd
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Sunday, April 29th - 2:00 to 5:00pm

We are excited to announce that on Sunday, April 29th, we will be participating in a Day of Play honoring our dear friend Mickey Gordon at Princeton Playspace. DJ Mickey G and The Fuzzy Lemons have performed together at more festivals and events over the past 10 years than we can count. Mickey was diagnosed with brain cancer last March and while he is recovering, he is still unable to work. This event will help raise funds for ongoing medical bills. We are pleased to donate a concert to help this cause.


Please share this post, tell your family and friends about it, and visit the Eventbrite site for all the details. Thank you for your support!

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concert: Dave jumping

Whether they’re playing for an audience of 20 or 2,000, The Fuzzy Lemons always bring lots of energy and fun. Offering full-band and “trio” packages, this unique five member band offers an exciting, energetic and interactive experience combining a medley of music styles from reggae and rock to folk, funk, and ska.

Whatever your need – from one set of blazing-hot family entertainment, to a full day of interactive musical fun – booking this enormously popular Hoboken based band is a sure-fire way to make yours a truly amazing event.

Contact the band for bookings.

Full Band Package: $895-$1,995

Includes all five members of the band and full concert setup:

  • Drum kit + 10 instruments
  • Microphones
  • Amp + Speakers
  • Mixing board + Sound Technician

Contact the band for complete space, power, and technical requirements.

Appropriate for:

  • Large halls and party rooms
  • Outdoor events
  • Clubs, theaters, and auditoriums

Length of Performance:

Adaptable to your needs – book one set or a full day of musical entertainment

Contact the band for bookings.

“Mini-Gig” Trio Package: $450-$750

For our fans who would love to have the Fuzzy Lemons perform at their party but simply don’t have the space or the budget to bring in the whole band, we are now offering this special “mini-gig” trio package!

This acoustic “unplugged” trio brings all the excitement of a Fuzzy Lemon show to smaller groups and intimate spaces. Perfect for birthdays, family gatherings, and class parties, the Mini-Gig Package features Fuzzy Lemons tunes, a variety of instruments, and lots of audience participation.

Birthday and Holiday themed shows available for any event!

Includes three members of the band and a variety of acoustic instruments which may include:

  • Hand drums & rhythm instruments, guitars, saxophone, accordion, clarinet, harmonica, and mandolin
  • Vocal microphones
  • 4 channel mixer + small speaker

Appropriate for:

  • Home living rooms, basements, rec rooms, etc.
  • Libraries, classrooms, galleries, meeting rooms
  • Intimate outdoor events

Length of Performance:

40-45 minutes for one set – adaptable if multiple performances are needed during your event.

Contact the band for bookings.