DANA HARRISON — Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Percussion

Dana grew up singing in a church choir in the hills of Tennessee, giving her the pipes to bring her unique gospel & blues infused sound to the Lemons’ lyrics. Dana is the owner/teacher of Musicology, a Hoboken based children’s music and movement class. When she’s not singing for other children she enjoys singing to and with her own.

DAVE LAMBERT — Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica

Dave wanted to be a musician and entertainer since age 10, when he first picked up a tennis racket the wrong way to strum along with Def Leppard videos in the early days of MTV. He worked his way up through the ranks with various marching bands, rock groups, and even day jobs before “going pro” as a Music Together teacher in 2002. He lives in Hoboken with his wife and son.


Born from Cuban parents and raised in Miami Florida’s “Little Havana,” Mario grew up surrounded by the sounds of Latino-Caribbean culture. After trading his skateboard for a bass guitar at age 15, Mario began his study of groove and spirit, aided and abetted along the way by his influences and role models.Mario was active in the Miami music scene from a very early age, playing in various groups ranging from latin jazz, funk and blues, to noise, punk, and electronica. He was also a member of Miami based art/music collective The Curious Hair.Mario settled in New York in 2006, and quickly began to collaborate on a variety of projects including industrial electronic band Dream into Dust, art-rock shaman Chris Bono’s Ghost Against Ghost, was a founding member of New York kirtan ensemble Japa Kirtan Band, and toured with indie rock band My Pet Dragon.In addition to freelancing in NYC, Mario can be seen grooving with kindie-rocker’s The Fuzzy Lemons.


From his first preschool sing-along, Matt was bitten by the music bug. He began playing the drums at age nine after begging his parents for a drum set. With a sister as a singer and a guitarist for a father, music was always an essential part of his childhood. While he has played all over the world and worked on platinum-selling, Grammy-winning albums, he has never forgotten his roots. Matt works as a music teacher at Songs for Seeds in Manhattan and is thrilled to be the newest member of the Fuzzy Lemons. Look him up at www.mattteitelman.com


These are a few of the folks who helped make The Fuzzy Lemons who we are today.

  • VANESSA GARAIO — Keyboards and Vocals
  • KIPLEY WENTZ — Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Accordion
  • BRANDON MILLER — Drums and Cymbals
  • JUSTIN MICHAEL — Bass Guitar
  • CHRIS MORAN — Drums
  • MAIKEN DUBOIS — Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboards